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'''American Standards''' is an American hardcore punk band from Phoenix, Arizona, formed in 2011. The band consists of members Brandon Kellum (vocals), Corey Skowronski (lead guitar), Steven Mandell (bass), and Mitch Hosier (drums). Their musical style is rooted in technical hardcore with strong elements of punk rock|punk and Heavy metal music|metal. They've garnered much critical and fan acclaim for their high energy, intense live shows and raw sound. They're also known for Kellum's socio politically charged lyrics which have included topics such corporate satire, materialism, personal struggle and urban alienation. To date, the group has released four albums, five music videos and multiple demos.
OriginPhoenix, Arizona, U.S.
GenreNoise punk, hardcore punk, metalcore,{{cite web|last1=Helton|first1=Nathan|title=American Standards Hungry Hands|url=|website=Funeral Sounds|publisher=Funeral Sounds|accessdate=13 January 2015}} mathcore
Years active2011–present
LabelVictory Records,{{cite web|last=Brummel|first=Tony||url=|work=Victory Records Webstore|publisher=Victory Records|accessdate=11 March 2014}}{{cite web|last=Hunter|first=Mark|title=SMN News|url=|accessdate=5 November 2012}} We Are Triumphant, Enjoyment Records, Torn Flesh, Nacion Libre
Associated actsThe Hostage Situation, Vera Lynne, Ape Kill Ape, The Author, Your Young
Current membersBrandon Kellum
Corey Skowronski
Steven Mandell
Mitch Hosier
Past membersBrennen Westermeyer
Geoff Gittleson
Cody Conrad
Mike Cook
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